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Default Re: Pics of your pets!!

I love animals. All my 19 cats are indoor cats and live in the rooms of my house.I have not really been around horses but they are awsome to look at. I had chickens when I was a child,Sunny and Cher and then traded them for a rabbit.
We always had dogs growing up and I know I will have a few dogs in the future.
My other half works for Science Diet as a food nutrition guide so on the weekends I go to the pet store he is at to play with everyones pets and see the adoption animals.
Animals help me to calm my anxiety and panic due to my agoraphobia.
This is a pic of Rambo his sister Delilah(Dee Dee) died after the long trip from CA to WA after a back injury in her cage.

Smokey very shy and big Rambo's brother

This is Mini the house queen she talks to me all the time and she is my shadow.She is Momma to Bobble ,Gretchen and Hector

This is Cali she is a spaz.

There are many ranches where I live and this was a new colt I thought was so cute.

I don't have a pic on my pc yet of Pheobe Cali's Mom or Chester Cali's Aunty or Aunty Shilo and Aunty Babi or Cousin Hecktor,Dusty or Sandal.
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