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Default Re: The Right Brain/Left Brain Test

Actually that last thing about gays and left brain/right brain stuff I posted might not be right. The only thing I could find was on what looks to be an unreliable website:

About 10-12% of the population are left handed meaning that the brain has been reorganised with reversed or mixed dominance (the right brain instead of left is more involved with language functions).

Extensive studies over the years in the area of neuropsychology have demonstrated that females as a group are very much "left brain" with strengths in the area of language functions. The average female brain seems overall to be less specialized so that some control of language function also rests in the right hemisphere and there is a greater number of connections between the right and left side...........The average male brain, although proportionately larger, is highly specialized with less interconnecting pathways, and the average male is very 'right brained' with strengths in the area of visual-spatial activity, but less efficient overall...................Neuropsychological studies assessing the biological aspects of brain function have shown that homosexual males have a shift in neuropsychological attributes that places them somewhere between heterosexual males and females. ............Differences between homosexual and heterosexual males is reinforced by neuroanatomical studies of the brain. For example, an area of the brain called the corpus callosum, the main connecting area between the two great hemispheres of the brain appears to be larger in homosexual males than heterosexual males...........
Of interest, left-handedness is much more common in male homosexuals than in the general male population, suggesting that in some homosexuals at least, there is either mixed or shifted dominance. This means the left hemisphere is more involved with language functions, although the right hemisphere also plays a role, and overall this is more like the left brain organization seen in females.
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