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Hello fellow drummers.
New to this forum, but not new at all to drumming.
I was actually doing a search on Queens/Joey, and stumbled upon a link to this thread.
I know this thread is old, but wanted to contribute some info on Joey's drums.
Many are still not aware that RCI (Romano Cotone International) is making most of the new acrylics available recently. Romano began manufacturing acrylic drums for the new Vistalites, and now has contracts to manufacture shells for numerous drum companies.
DW, Premier, GMS, Chop Shop, OCDP- to name just a few.
I saw Supernova earlier this year and loved Tommy's acrylics. I immediately researched, and found out that his DW shells are made by RCI. I then found out that RCI will make custom ordered drums complete. I found a dealer, Acrylic Drums Heaven, that worked with me on my order and I now have a custom RCI Starlite Red acrylic kit.
Here's a link to my testimonial and pics on the ADH website.
These drums are incredible.
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