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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

I gotta hand it to them, the English really stepped up, to levels I thought unreachable for them. The scrummaging and rucking was world-class, and they really made us play their style of game. Johny Wilkinson's kicking game was one he will probably like to forget, but the same goes for Stirling Mortlock, so I'd say that just about cancels out. I think they missed roughly the same amount of set kicks.
A farewell to George Gregan and Stephen Larkham, the history's greatest and longest enduring halfs combination, with a combined 240 (I think) international test caps.

Final score - Aus 10 - England 12

I'm going to bed now and getting up in 4 hours to watch the NZ vs France game. Up until about 15 minutes ago I was hoping France would take it out, but now I really want NZ to step up and tear the French apart. Use it as a warm-up game for a semi-finals onslught that I hope can beak records as well as white-jumpered bones. As for the other side of the finals; I'm hoping the Suthers don't do to much physical damage to the Fijians (as they're such nice people), then beat the Pumas in the semi as a warm-up game for the final. I'm not really sure who I want to win. I like the Boks but I think the All Blacks will probably go the whole way and win the cup for the first time since the innaugral '87 cup. realisitically, I think they deserve it too.

Good night. And John O'Neil is most certainly right; Australians really do hate the English.
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