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Default Re: Pics of your pets!!

Originally Posted by Pinner View Post
...I have too many cats...
Not possible, Pinner!

I've got way too many pets! I'll start with my cat.

Her name is Zoomie (Short for Zoom Kitty).

This is Willow, the Corgi...(I love Corgies!)

This is Mirra, the Belgian Tervuran...

Now to the barn!

Of course I've got chickens...This is Big Chicken and LIttle Chicken. (I know, no imagination.)

On to the goats...

The first is Videlia, the Pygmy.

Here's Brown Goat. (Lack of imagination again..LOL!)

And here's Stupid Goat. Believe me, she's earned her name!

I think I mentioned that I have horses...Ten in all..Here they come!

This is Ritmo, the stallion...

This is Honey, my wife's main ride.

This is Abe', a gelding that I'm currently training.

Had enough yet!

There's more!

This is Mariquita, Zoe, and Mariposa...

And here is the herd leader..Dove.

These are the youngsters, Pejarro and Buho.

Now for my main ride...this is Hierro.

He doesn't look like much in the pasture, but he is an extreme ride. Here we are doing our cowboy thing..YeeeeHaaaa!!!

Hope you enjoyed the photos...this is my life! LOL!
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