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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by KzSgDrummer View Post
^ Dude, Gadd and Jarreau together are one of my favorite duos of all time.

"This Time" .. "Breakin' Away" .. "Jarreau" ... besides a couple of tracks with Porcaro and the Toto band (Mornin', Step by Step, Breakin' Away) it was all Gadd and the NYC "Stuff" band. To this day I think of those albums as being not just templates for great pop/r&b drumming, but also templates for what great pop/r&b writing, production, playing, ect should be! It's easy, easy!
That was the stuff, no pun intended, that really turned me on to Gadd, along with Friends. I always loved Distracted and of course Spain from This Time. I think it is Jarreau's best album. It changed the whole way I looked at drumming. He could do a quarter note flam on the floor tom for a fill and it was earth shattering because he made you wait for it, just a little bit, you know, that Gadd lilt. That's why he is the greatest in my book and the nicest guy as well. I teased him last year at the clinic. He was saying that the drum stick click in Aja was a mistake; so when I came up to question him I asked "what am I to do now since that was my favorite drum solo because of the click; but now I find it was a mistake." He said it was still brilliant in defense, which of course I knew already. Gadd is everything that they told you growing up that in theory would make a great drummer, all rolled up in an actually breathing, beating, drumming human being.
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