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I first met Dom back in 1980 at a clinic for the Long Island Drum Center. I could imagine it was one of his earliest, if not his first major clinic. So I feel special.:) He was great even back then, captivating and imaginative. Dom was doing the open-handed playing back then, though he played traditional grip. I had read through Jim's book, Advanced Techniques, open-handedly as the instructions say, so I was impressed. It is strange that many notables will disparage Jim's book. I still use that book today. Just recently I went through it with a baiaon samba foot ostinato and cascara cymbal rhythm. It was all there in Jim's book 60 years ago if you had the foresight to see it. Jim invented everything when it comes to a modern approach to playing the drum set. When I was a kid I wanted to study with Jim Chapin. But I moved out to California after college so I never got the chance. Now back in NY, I still e mail Dom asking him when Jim is going to be available for a lesson. God Bless Jim.

I always wanted to study with Dom, as well, which I finally got to do recently. He really helped me to get focused on the drum kit. He has the formula for success, and I've been able to use his technique in concrete applicable ways. That's what it is all about in the end. His drumming style has changed over the years and is still changing. He is truly an innovator .I think if I had to note one thing about Dom, it would be his openness. Every teacher you go to will say this is the way to do things; but Dom brings it all in. He does not scoff at anything. His openness in that regard is a breadth of fresh air. I continue to learn from his teaching everyday both as a student and a teacher.

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