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Default Re: Oh, I get it!

with my allmighty power - please don't blame DB or Nutha - i do it this way:

1. Threads with no discussion going on - less than two replies and last message longer back than 360 days: get pruned from time to time.

2. "Off Topic Lounge" is unsafe territory. When Serverspace needed, the whole "Off Topic Lounge" dissappears from time to time - as mentioned in the off topic title bar: ..will be brushed off from time to time. But this didn't happen these last six month..

3. When a thread like "N.P. against T.B" get out of hands, DB and Nutha try to fix it, move and delete posts - they are so nice. i don't have this patience and time: delete the thread very quick....

4. DRUMMERS-Section:

Some drummers have links from their gallery page to their thread in the forum. If so, we don't want a too way out discussion there about other drummers and other forum members.

Now i go to the coast - never bash Ringo