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Dom is great! For about 2 years I have been lurking around drum forums. For the past year, I learned about House Of Drumming. This post reminded me of all the pro bashing on that forum. Not because that happens here, but because Dom takes a beating in there. Aside from the "big name" members, the posters can't really play. It's obvious because they post audio and video clips of themselves. That makes the problem there even more ironic. A bunch of drummers that can't play bashing Dom and other pros. I believe someone said Steve Hass was a member in addition to Peter Erskine and some others. I have been lurking around hod for sometime and have never seen a Steve Hass post from the man himself. One or two bozos from HOD that bash Dom talk about Steve Hass like he's Buddy Rich! Steve is one of today's top young drummers, but let's not get carried away. I bet they also didn't know about Steve's first drum teacher. Dom Famularo. I have seen Phil Maturano voice some great opinions, basically putting down the forum's moderators. Another great drummer that I first heard of in the mid 1990s. HOD allows too many negative posts about great drummers. Back to Dom. He is the first drummer I have ever seen to play fast, clean and precise double bass rolls. I saw him play for the first time in 1985. Later that decade, I saw him play at the first Buddy Rich memorial scholarship concert. He blew everyone away. I even saw Vinnie Colaiuta and Steve Gadd lose it when Dom played. Yea, I have been around. I'm an old timer. LOL
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