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Darren King is a STUD. I just saw him live at the Loveland in Portland on Thursday. He opened for MAE (who also happens to have an amazing drummer in Jacob Marshall). MuteMath stole the show.
Take him away from the kit and King is one of the kindest, most sincere, humble guys in the world. He always has a huge smile on his face and was appreciative of everyone there. Put him behind the kit and he is an animal! Literally insane. I mean, he uses headphones instead of in-ear monitors and he DUCT-TAPED them to his head all the while having this crazy serial killer look on his face. He then proceeded to groove his butt off. I think the walls were sweating because there was too much groove in the place. To top it off, he played a vintage Rogers kit with a kick, snare and floor tom, a hihat and one cymbal. Let's see Joey Jordison or Mike Portnoy get repeated calls for drum solos and general yelling by playing that setup! (Yeah, I said it.)
The point is that Darren King is amazing. Go to and check out their live instrumental that is played exactly the same as the recording. It should be illegal to be that good.
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