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The Humming Wires....It's the Latest News...

Ode to Budgie - we all miss him. He recently divorced from Siouxsie, however word has it this Banshee/Creatures heartbeat is keeping busy in Berlin. In fact, the latest news is that he did some recording with Toby Dammit (Jessie Evans) for the first time.

There is no credit to Budgie on the new Siouxsie solo album 'Mantaray' - there were songs that were in the works, prior to the Creatures release of 'Hai' though I don't think we'll be able to hear them anytime soon. 2004 saw him tour with Leonard Eto (Kodo) in the US as "An Evening with Siouxsie" and the end of that year climaxed into the UK 'Dreamshow' tour.

Budgie is the most underated drummer in the world! If you can get your hands on these, I recommend these as an ode to him...

1) Hai! (NAMA) - This is the raw recordings of 'Hai!' as they were being conceived between Budgie and Leonard Eto (Kodo) during that one magical night in the outskirts of Tokyo...(2003)

2) 'Sunless' b-side to 'The Last Beat of My Heart' (Siouxsie and ther Banshhes) - The Creatures moment within the Banshees...(1988)

3) 'I Promise' b-side to 'Dazzle' (Siouxsie and the Banshees) - His soft poms and crashes gives the song it's fatal heartbeat...(1984)

4) 'Sky Train' and 'A Strutting Rooster' - From The Creatures album entitled 'Feast' - These songs really illuminates the versatile drummer and percussionist that he is and reflective of the holiday that he and Siouxsie took to record the 'Feast' album...(1983)

5) 'Follow the Sun' - another fantastic b-side of 'Spellbound' sounding like a Creature being born (SATB)...(1981)

6) 'Umbrella' - a great b-side that Budgie created with the aid of guitarist - John Valentine Carruthers and a fine Siouxsie poem (SATB).... (1985)

7) 'Shooting Sun' - This is a signature Budgie reverb and my favorite Banshee b-side to 'This Wheel's On Fire'...(1987)

Enjoy and I am sure we will see him emerge soon! Fingers crossed...
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