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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Brian
age? 19
how long been playing? About 7 years
origin of user name? One time in pep-band, I had an open solo break to fill time, the other drummer who was playing with me said to go wild, so I did. Afterwords, he told me "Man, that was some mad-drummin' man."
top 5 drummers? Carter Beauford, Buddy Rich, Ed Thigpen, Mike Portnoy, Dave Weckyl
make of drumkit? Pacific CX series
make of cymbal? Zildjian
where do you practice? House/Upstairs
are you in a band/s? Bradley Jazz Ensemble, Bradley Jazz Combo, The Squamation Experiment
what style of music? Progressive/Jazz Influenced Alternative Rock.
favourite take out food? Mexican
country? United States
one really odd fact about yourself? I'm sure they're there, I just can't think of one at the moment.
how did you start drumming? Had to pick up an instrument for middle school music programs, and I couldn't play the trumpet. Guess I made the right choice...