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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

Ay, I agree that they're ot quite the juggernaut they were 4 years ago, but they still have a pretty handy scrum, some fast outside backs in Robinson and Sackey plus englands favourite son. We really have to keep the game in our attacking half to prevent Wilko having a big impact on the game.
Apparently after 4 years on injury he's a bit more cautious in his play, standing a couple of metres back from where he used to and getting rid of the ball a little earlier. I read in The Australian (Aussie paper) today that the Wallabies coaches are pretty keen on shutting JW down.

I'm just hanging out for Drew Mitchell to score to more tries and break Jonah Lomu's record of most tries in a single Wolrd Cup.

Also have to remember that at least England made it to the quarters, unlike Wales and Ireland....
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