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michael drums
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Default Re: The Real Football Thread


I'll have to give the Pats credit for last nights' game. Yes, I thought the Bengals could have upset them, especially at home, but it wasn't to be.

The Patriots "D" played a REALLY good game. The Bengals "D", on the other hand, was pretty lame. But that's not unusual for them, so far, this year. Just take a look at their defensive stats, and it reads like a horror story! Ughh...

I believe they're in last place, or near last place in, at least, 4 categories! So I'm not gonna give ALL the credit to the Patriots, but I was impressed with them, last night.

But let's see how they do against some formidable opponents, such as Indy, Dallas, or even Green Bay, though I don't think they play G.B. this year.

I'll give 'em their due, but they REALLY haven't played any competitive teams so far...

Play On! ;-)

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