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Originally Posted by Vic_Rattledeth View Post
Portnoy sounds like a metronome? Oh if you mean he has a very good sense of timing then I agree. Please explaine to me how Tool and meshuggah are different with odd times, you aren't backing up what you say. I can also play the songs I mentioned but it's not an easy thing to do, I can only play them because i've sold my soul to drums and practice alot more then most. The average drummer can NOT play them.
Tool and meshugah are different with odd times becasue the drummers dont subdivide the odd times through ther bass drum and snare and thats why portnoy ends up sounding like a metranome. Honestly he plays odd times how i would expect anyone else to , and that boring.
Portnoy playing in 7/8 would prolly sound something like sbsbsbb with hihhat 8ths on top. Carey however allows the music to breath and plays more naturally , you wont hear the subdivisions in his playing , or atleast not the boring and stale way that portnoy does.

TO me it sounds like portnoy and the rest of that band approaches the music with subdivisions of odd meter in ther head. You lock yourself into very common patterns that way.
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