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Default Re: Any Military?

I'm considering NROTC or waiting for OCS later, but I'm looking at going into engineering, and to go 4-8 years without touching any of that stuff will make life a bit harder career or grad-school wise. However, if nothing else, I know I will do either CAP or USCGA.

Unfortunatley for me, my family sees me as being very much like my uncle, who is currently a 2 star admiral after less than 1 year at 1 star, and who is being fast-tracked for CNO. Just a small act for me to follow there ;-) That said, I would be guarenteed just about any career in the Navy, and I'm already (time and weather permitting) getting a flight on a F-18 Super Hornet next week, so its a very tempting deal for me. But my vision changes day-to-day anywhere from 20/20 to 20/40ish so it throws the Lasik guys for a loop and makes flying a bit harder of a choice, and to go SEAL would be a lot of work.
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