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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

Originally Posted by Erik Lund View Post
Maybe Flutie Flakes can help the Bears...

This week has been so great!

We learn that the Chargers are actually awful and will probably fight for .500.
We learn that the Bears are actually awful and could try 12 QB's before this is over...
We learn that the Steelers actually aren't so iron clad
We learn that Favre is actually still pretty good. (Looking like ol' Tom Brady: same talent at WR TB used to have and still winning games!)

And tonight we will learn that the Bengals' weren't a threat to the Patriots. (although it's probably pretty well understood)

I want to predict a score, but with Cleveland putting up 51 against the Bengals with a 2nd string QB... 45-24 but I'll be way off I'm sure.

Go Pats!

And...OF COURSE you didn't mention the Colts and the Cowboys. No surprise!

Uhhh...they're BOTH undefeated, Erik! Hello!

That Peyton guy is pretty good.

That Tony guy is " " "

Look for a Bengals upset tonight. ;-)

Play On!

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