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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

Originally Posted by Ozzy Biz View Post
Different animals. Jarrah ply drums won't sound as meaty and full as the Spirits. They'll also weigh about 1/8 of what the Spirits weigh. Solid shells will be heavy, especially when the timber they're made of is so dense it sinks.
Just what I was going to say. Bradys are fine drums and they even make a few solid shell snares. Ironwood is indeed heavy, with a specific gravity of 1.2 (1.2 times as heavy as water, which is why it sinks) and the shells are a half-inch thick. Maple has a SG of about .50 and that no doubt gets lower when made into plies with glue. So a half-inch-thick solid-shell ironwood drum should weigh about three times a half-inch-thick maple ply shell. I know I get three times the sound out of my Spirits.

I get used to the weight - I need to lose weight more than my drums! My Spirits sound like big drums and weigh as much as big drums, but they are the size of small drums.
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