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You guys are tough....the guy is one of the most famous drummers in the history of Rock, lets rip him a new one! Seriously, he got famous for a reason and not because he had timing problems.

ELP had a rep for a great live show. Speaking of live, I challenge anyone to find a concert performance better than Toccatta on their triple LP. I saw him on the '93 tour and the guy was amazing. He nailed Pirates and Pictures at an Exhibition (they had a year of touring to get into shape) with a new, more physical furor. And his solo was better too. He was wearing headphones and was into a solid groove on Paper Blood.

I think the guy contributed quite a bit and was indeed a different drummer, being classically trained. Arrogant toward other drummers? Perhaps on a few occasions, like when he said in an interview Neil Peart shouldn't have done the Buddy Rich Tribute concert. But you know, after finally seeing it on You Tube, he was right! What the #$%# was Neil doing? I like Neil, but compare that crap to Carl playing with Buddy's band on his Anthology CD. No timing problems there...... IMHO, he had a right to say it, as he and Buddy were freinds.

Palmer said in an Interview that he got along well with John Bonham (another influence of mine) and that they were both from the same area, but totally different style drummers. They did have big bass drums in common!
Oh really?????

What Carl Palmer interview was that?

Can you reference that interview with a link?

Neil playing crap?

This is so's HILARIOUS!!

SMHIUD!! Hee...hee... ;-)

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