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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

The thing about Gadd is that the product is more important than the process. To disagree with another post, no he DOESN'T actually have perfect technique (look to his scary fulcrum point on his left hand traditional grip...way to far back), but he doesn't care. Its the sound that matters.

He plays amazingly thoughtful parts, that are both difficult to imagine or invent, yet still fit the music perfectly. Where someone would apt to play a simple boom-tap-crash, Steve Gadd invents a linear barrage of across-the-bar 32nd note double-stroked genius that just falls right in place.

I would say (as yet another drummer of the 20+ year playing category) if you don't get Gadd, then you need to listen to more modern music in comparison and just listen to how uncreative, boring, bland, dull and sometimes just plain bad the drummers are.

The other genius part about Gadd is he'll show you the notes, he'll show you how to play them, yet most of us STILL can't get it right.
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