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Default Regarding drum re-wrapping....


Regarding the re-wrapping of drum shells.. here is one alternative that you may wish to consider.. PLease keep in mind that I am in no way associated with these guys, nor endorsed by them... I just like their product).

Go to and take a look. Scott Rockenfield (the drummer for Queensryche) has a comapany that specialises in re-wrap kits for drums and heads.. ( I use a 24" decal on the reso head of my kick).

You can choose any "off the shelf" patterns that he has or you can have your own made up for just a couple of bucks more. There are some killer designs there. A few companies are beginning to use them for custom sets... The best part is.. you can remove the wrap when you want a change with no damage to your existing finish or shells!

There is a kit in a local music store here in Sydney that had taken an old kit and used the Rockenwraps and ended up with a fantastic looking set.. they hung it on a wall for everyone to see.. It really is a good product.

For guys looking for a killer logo head, get a decal or head made with whatever you want on it and look good.. ( a pic of my decal can be seen in message #49 at )

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