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Originally Posted by bfdrum86 View Post
yes i can. However i wont, its not that difficult of a song. Regardless of my feelings on his playing my post was not made to tell anyone that i think portnoy is a waste or anything of the sort. Basic theory and 5 years of chops should make you more than able to playing his songs. NO SONG PERIOD SHOULD TAKE YOU MONTHS TO LEARN.

If you want to play something challenging try something that wont make you sound like a metranome. I recomend tool, meshuggah , and porcupine tree if your looking to be challenged.
Portnoy sounds like a metronome? Oh if you mean he has a very good sense of timing then I agree. Please explaine to me how Tool and meshuggah are different with odd times, you aren't backing up what you say. I can also play the songs I mentioned but it's not an easy thing to do, I can only play them because i've sold my soul to drums and practice alot more then most. The average drummer can NOT play them.
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