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Hi, Pywacket

Your question is an EXCELLENT one, and I thank you so very much for purchasing my Book/DVD package. I really hopes it makes you not only a better drummer & musician, but makes drumming more FUN and enjoyable in general..

So....As I mentioned on the DVD, I have been playing combinations like these for a longtime, since age 10 or so, so it is a "muscle memory" type of thing. So, once you memorize these, and start putting them together with the TAB System, you too will be able to plat these effortlessly. The short phrases first, then longer ones. A goal would be to memorize each of the solos in the combo sections.

The memorization process means they will come second nature. I do not really think of them before I play them, necessarily, but more or less "at that moment", that is the "rhythmic phrase" I am hearing in my head. As you will hear on the MP3 CD, each of these phrases have a definitive "melody", so that's what should be going on as you're playing..So as you play along to the CD, hear the phrase, and let it help you learn the pattern.

I truly believe that once you start playing and memorizing these solos, you'll be putting your OWN combos together soon. And isn't that really what we all want to do??

As for the grooves...the same thing applies. Learn them by reading them in the book, or watching the DVD, then try to memorize them as you practice with the Play Along CD. That way you are really just relying on muscle memory, and relaxing as you're playing the groove.

All the best, my friend, and thanks for spreading the word in Jolly 'Ol England! Hope to be out for a clinic soon! (hint hint..ask your dealer..hint, hint :)

Let me know how you are making out!

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