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Default Re: Pat Petrillo here!

Hey Pat
Just got your dvd/book as a birthday gift from my daughter ( I knew I'd done a good job raising her! ) It's just what I needed as I've been getting away with murder for the past 30 odd years. I've recently apprehended myself, been tried and found guilty and sentenced to starting from scratch. I've suffered Carpal Tunnel through bad technique (happily sorted with surgery) and only actually learned more than a handful of rudiments over the past couple of years. Your dvd is the kick up the arse I needed at this point and makes sense of stuff I've been having problems with but I would like to ask one question. Whilst playing are you actually aware of each individual rudiment you use BEFORE you play it or are they so familiar to you they just happen. It may sound like a strange question but as p.diddles, d.strokes etc are still quite new to my playing I find I'm ultra aware of them and the anticipation I feel before using them can often spoil their execution.
Thanks and it's good to finally have your stuff available here in the UK.
All the best.
Steve Williams.
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