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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

Originally Posted by katman View Post
Another South African citing (Francois Steyn) that turned out to be bullsh*t. Tongan management said their hand was forced into laying the bogus complaint. Suddenly the conspiracy theories about disrupting our World Cup don't seem so far-fetched anymore. Clearly different sets of rules for different teams. Carl Hayman's two clear punches in the Italy game? Ah, that's really nothing. Drew Mitchel's spear tackle? Rugby's not tiddlywinks. Gareth Thomas's late shoulder charge? He's just an uncompromising character, is all. Aussie hooker Moore's late, off-the-ball shoulder charge on Wales' Shane Williams? Boys will be boys, eh? Brian Lima's disgusting late, high, no-arms tackle on Andre Pretorius? That's just the old chiropractor doing his thing - not even a warning. But when he commits a simliar offence on Johnny Be God, he gets cited and banned for 3 games. Call me cynical, but I smell a big old stinking rat.
Yeah, I have to agree with you. Consistancy doesn't seem the be the IRB's highest concern, let alone even in their vocabulary.
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