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Originally Posted by BadMuthrFingr View Post
What do you thik about the drumming in Lateralus?

I almost peed my pants whewn I first heard it

I feel that Lateralus is his best when it comes to drumming. The amount of control he has incorporated with the explosiveness on that album can make you... well, as you said "pee your pants." No matter how many times I hear that album, it doesn't get old. Danny's mind-set seems to be focused on many different things in his music that it affects his drumming in a way makes that his playing "his own." He owns what he does.

He is not just the drummer who keeps the groove, he is the guy that follows the vocals and the guitars as well.. and does it with such precision that if Tool lost Danny... I think it would be time for them to gracefully bow out, cuz I don't think another drummer could fill those shoes. But, that opens up a entirely different subject.. and if they hypothetically had another drummer, the band name should be changed.

Wow.. how did I end up going in that direction? .. lol.

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