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Default Re: Official Rugby World CUp (and the lead up tests) Thread

Originally Posted by nate View Post
really? please don't say that, it scares me, cause you might be right. My money will always be with the AB's, i don't think they played that well in the scotland game, they didn't finish 4 tries, and they dropped the ball loads, knocked it on, AND i'm worried that they haven't had any proper games in the pool games...

lots to worry about, but i do think they are the best side there......but that may not mean they'll win it.

if oz win again....sheesh, not 3 times...

SA looked a little rubbish the other day, the french are getting better and as you say oz are looking good, still anyones cup me thinks...

...but NZ should take it....will NZ play france in the quarters? that game will be huge....
The All Blacks are often the best team coming into the cup, and we all know the reults.

I will shave my head if we win again. Wow, that would be a good night I would have....

One of the great things about the RWC is that almost any of the top-tier teams can win (unlike the local Australian Football League, where Geelong has been more of a dominant force than the ABs comparitively, and my money is on them winning comfortably in next Saturdays Grand Final)
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