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I see this thread is old but I just gotta get down my favorite things about his playing. Cuz its so deep, colorful, and controlled.

-Open handed playing
-Hard hitting bass drum foot and solid on all 1/16ths
-Great phrasing, odd-time playing, and ability to turn beat upside-down or inside-out.
-Awesome high hat work: he hits a solid, and pocky backbeat on the snare but inbetween ghosts so many snare notes and does so many high hat licks or fills wherever but he can keep them all quiet between those backbeats
-His drum and cymbal sounds and set-up
-His stage presence, chewing gum, and good backup vocals
-Great dynamics
-His left foot working DBL bass pedal AND HH pedal (which he said he got from Chambers)
-His playing on Rapunzel

OK I can see that's a lot of favorites but he's such an inspiration...

...on the other hand I do agree with:

Originally Posted by fusssion View Post
While I thikn Carters stuff is really really cool ....and very innovative,....I've found that a lot of his grooves are very similar in tunes.....Ants Marching, Tripping Billies, Stay, 41....that's the only thing that bothers me about his playing.
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