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Sleepy, as always full of useful info. Thanks for that. Yur a lucky dude, I wish I had at least a few avenues to some of my big influences.

I've been listening to the new album and I'm actually gonna spend the money because its f***in amazing. I don't think I really care about the cymbal setup anymore but more about why he chose to make those sounds in that context, great rhythm choice, and great choice of colors to add to the music.

As regards, his other interests, I am a fan of Crowbar, not really a fan of EyeHateGod(Never really gave them much of a chance, I suppose I'm more an Anselmo-ite). That being said, Down better come over here. I dunno if its just my taste in music but in the last year, the only bands I've felt compelled to see were Slayer and Mastodon.


edit : Superjoint as amazing!!
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