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How about them cowboys?!?!?!?!?! And they've done it without terry glenn, without greg ellis, without Jason Ferguson, and without a healthy terrence newman.....AND they beat the BEARS at HOME by 24 POINTS!!! God it's great to be a cowboys fan right now..but we're over do..its been over a decade since we have done anything notable....
Amen! It is good to be a Cowboys fan...especially today! Romo just got through exploiting the best defense in the league and we get the Rams next Sunday. Life is least for another few weeks, then the Pats come to town and the real test begins. I think Jennifer Engle from the Star Telegram said it best today when she drew the analogy of the Cowboys being "the tallest midget" right now in football. The NFC is a much softer conference, but you got to admit this cowboys team has a punchers chance in any game the way they are playing right now.

How bout' them Cowboys?!
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