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12 years? why'd you get out? more then half way done!!!

I'm puting on my E-5 stripe on Oct 1st... i have 6 months left and really thinking of getting out. i have a lot of good things going for me here in the Denver area and really dont want to risk relocating or getting deployed (again). I'm really nervus though, when all you know is the military getting out is really stressful...

I met my wife and really did not want to do subs anymore. I told them I may stay if they would send me to a target (surface ship) but they said no that I was now too valuable to subs with all the experienece and training I had. Plus they said no one with 12 years ever gets out. So I guess I was the 1st..LOL

It is stressful when you get out but the conversion to civilian life is not as bad as the military will tell you. I was so scared about not getting a job I took the 1st thing that came along, terminix...LOL .I lasted about 3 months there and then a few old buds who got out before me hooked me up with some interviews and I have had excellent jobs since then.

The most important thing is to network as much as possible and try not to burn any bridges. Also have a great resume, pay someone to help you write it if you have too because it is very, very important in getting you interviews. Most major company's absolutely love to hire ex military people so you have a big advantage going in already.

Good luck, I am sure you will be fine in whatever decision you make.
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