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I've seen a few clinics in my day, Cindy Blackman, Billy Cobham, Mark Schulman, Mike Mangini, Chad Wackerman, Carmine Appice, Kenny Aronoff --

Drum clinics are awesome to watch, but I wish they'd tape 'em, and sell the CD at the end of the show. We have that technology now.

I see what they play, and it looks so simple, but when I don't run home and try it immediately, I lose the sound/technique/touch that they applied which made it something worth trying.

My frustration is that I've been hearing about Wackerman, Bozio, Cobham, BRich and the like since the day I picked up sticks. Wonderful to respect the past, but isn't it time to vote in some new icons? Newer than the 80's ?

No doubt the 'hot for teacher' thumping was great, and many other tunes by Def Leppard/Rush/Zeppelin/Halen/Whitesnake/Poison/Ratt/Ozzy/Yes you get the idea... Blotzer I saw the most-- but I was a teen, and don't remember a thing, except "cool solo!"

Obviously Limp Biscuit, Korn, Disturbed, Slipnot drummers like Mike Wengren and Joey Jordison turned it up a notch. And before them, David Grohl.

AVH, no doubt, great drummer. As is most EVERY drummer I've ever met!!!

Rock on...

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