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Originally Posted by Erik Lund View Post
I used to be in absolute love with Bill Stewart...Now he's like the ex-girlfriend I know I shouldn't call late-night when I'm drunk: Great at the beginning but nothing really new and exciting and I just got bored widdit.

still a great player. (and she's still a great girl)
Okay...I think I understood. ;-)
Yes, this happens to me sometimes. First I`m totally in love with a drummer`s playing but after listening to it more than I should it gets kinda old.
Though isn`t that normal?
I mean, for example I listened to Blade every day lately...then I just gave Bill Stewart a try and love it...although I love Brian`s playing of course. Just needed something which seems fresh in that moment.
So I think that is pretty normal, the most important thing in this moment of listening is that you get inspired, isn`t it? =)

Of course I`m talking about music and particulary about drummers and not about girls!!!

Nevertheless...who knows which musician/style of Jazz will mainly play on my PC/stereo next month. haha...

But still, Bill Stewart is one amazing drummer...aswell as Blade, Jones and all those others.


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