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Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
I think it's funny as hell that ravens head Coach accused manweiny of cheating this weekend..LOL Hope this is not a trend with all the coaches coming up with reasons why they lost other than they just sukk.

pretty sure it's just some backlash for what he did to Bellichick

Well, the Ravens actually won that game and pretty handidly, so there goes that theory (come on man! I need smart color commentary from fellow Pats fans with all the controversey!)

The Pats will destroy the Bills. Maybe Brady can sit out the second half or at least the 4th quarter. Let's get 50 pts early and rest his little arm. No need to risk injury when you're up 5 TDs...I'm guessing a lot of bench guys get to shine tomorrow!

Hope the Packers can win tomorrow. not that I really care - but it would be nice. Also - Houston will put up a good fight tomorrow against the Colts. They might be able to squeak out a W what with the Colts not quite gelling yet.

Rex and McNabb might be playing some of their last halves of football...Chicago will rejoice if they are getting whooped at half-time. Philly fans will cry, and move on.

But back to the team here: Seriously - who is gonna stop Mr. Moss? What defense out there thinks they have the secret? 'Cause then we'll just start using Stallworth...

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