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Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
Well man, it's not about us liking or disliking him. Boo McAfee, the founder of WFD says he's a very nice guy. So I'm pretty certain I would like him if I met him. But everyone here is allowed to discuss his music if that's our wish. I mean why would ALL people come here to worship him? Isn't a fan site where you go for that? The old Blink 182 is site still up, right? I know it was a few months ago.

I do want to pick at your claim that he is some kind of innovator for mixing a flavor of marching music into his own genre. Actually people have been doing that with all kinds of music for over 100 years, and New Orleans second line drummers were incorporating the marching thing into the earliest attempts at punk/pop in the early 1980s, or when Barker was in the 1st grade. So that just didn't happen. This was followed by the same thing occuring with hip hop in the mid 1980s. Again, no.

Besides, it's time we put this mighty Barker marching band career to rest. Man, he marched maybe one full season his sophmore year in high school. That's it ...nothing more, including that fabled drum corps career that a lot Barker fans go on and on about, that also never happened. Less than one season doesn't even match up to the collective preseason marching band camps that most of us Americans go through in a normal high school career. To say that this drink of water changed him as a drummer or altered the direction of a significant drum style within an important musical evolution is beyond ridiculous, and from what I hear about Barker, would really embarrass him.

One of the reasons you don't hear anymore new urban legends about Travis Barker is because he supposedly cooled down those press agents he used to have, who were actually the ones exaggerating that stuff to begin with. . In truth, he almost had a real issue with the story about how he was practicing for the WFD world finals and planned to win it. A lot of those competitors were really lickin' their chops over that one because that absolutely wasn't going to work out well.

Then it turns out that he was this nice, cool guy who wasn't pushing any of that stuff. He had nothing to do with it. Still despite his curtailing the new stories, these old ones/ like his being a marching band demon/innovator, continue with no end in sight, because so many of his fans just won't believe the real truth.

The real truth is that is overrated.. so what? hes quite good at what he does.. thats my point.. in fact he is the best on the business.. pop punk.. hiphop remix's..
i'm a fan.. yeah.. but i dont think hes te greatest drummer ever.. not even close.. of course not.. we would all be lost if he was.. so what? hes good and ive heard on his albuns fills and gooves i have never heard before and i actually listen to those greats cats.. tony williams, rich, collaiuta, all the guys at the modern drummer festivals.. (just to say that i'm not a non-drummer who only listen to THAT guy)
thats all. sorry if i didnt express myself correctly.. =?
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