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Originally Posted by Anchein Vouivra
I'm not really in, and don't dig this "Weckle-Colaiuta-Gadd-Chambers-Steve Smith..." drumming pantheon. They're are too glorified and used by their endorsements as THE DRUM REFERENCE. Too technical and they are all playing fusion which make feel each one sound more and more similar. But it's like always very personal, it's just music that doesn't move me (maybe at the exception of Gadd).
The pantheon you don't get consists of some of the best drummers alive, not based only on their very good technical playing, but for their high demand to play for anyone.

No punk rocker drummer can play these guys' parts, but all these guys can play punk rock. Its really that easy.

If you have the highest technical skills possible, and can play anything, that makes you good.

Just look at Vinny Colaiuta and Steve Gadd's discography for starters.

Just watch Steve Smith, for crying out loud. If you can't see why he is on top of the drumming world, then I can't really say anything more about it.

Weckl is a matter of taste, but there is no denying his ability. And his drum sound is one of the best recorded.
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