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Originally Posted by Thedude1620 View Post
I don't think danney is playing a polyrythm, but the band is...the bass and guitar are in 6 and he's playing in 5. I also believe he moves the kick part a 16th over every two rounds if that makes sense.

well i always figured the bass was in 3( subdivision of 6, so doesnt matter) and i thought danny and adam where playing in 5. the drums and the guitar seem too fit together, the bassline is off. thats what i figure, forgive me if im wrong.

o this is kind of off topic, but i was just listening to check over my statement and i just noticed( even though ive heard the song 4 million times, that there is an echo effect on mayanrds vocals. i feel dumb! now i notice! 5 years later

speaking of lateralus check out my signatrue ha
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