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Default Re: Philly Joe Jones

Originally Posted by fusssion View Post
I came on here looking for album suggestions, because I just picked up Hank Mobley's WORKOUT...and wow....Philly is so! that I have a few more albums to listen's off to the record store!

Hey...out of the Miles CDs ....the Workin' etc...series....which one is anyones favorite? Steamin, Workin, Cookin', Relaxin' ??

Thanks all.........
Those are all excellent sessions - why not pick them all up (used on Amazon is next to nothing)?

I like Working the best, personally. Red Garland and Philly trade some stuff that is just so hooked up it gives me chills to listen to it.
I really don't know what time it was. So I asked them if I could stay a while.
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