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Default Re: Tentitive "band" problems

Originally Posted by Mr. Pasquini View Post
I know I'm not the best drummer or anything but I am a musician. I have been playing music for years and I ave high expectations of other players.

That said, I have this set of friends, one guitarist and one bassist, that I have jammed with a few times. They're both good friends but they aren't really musicians. They're getting there but they don't have the type of dedication I want, the guitarist doesn't want to learn chords because they're "Hard" and the bassist thinks he's god's gift to rhythm (He is completely incapable of playing in 3).

These guys asked me to be in a band with them. I don't know what to do... I love playing with people and they're fun guys but they are NOT serious...

What would you guys do? I told em I'd be happy to jam but then made some BS excuse about my schedule and not knowing if I would be able to for a while.

Thanks in advance,
Ian Pasquini
playing with them...but dont waiste all ur time doing it...just tell them about your dedication and guitarist can't play chords...hehe :0 uh oh
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