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I like Travis Barker! He is a very good, if not one of the best out & out pop/rock drummers that is lucky enough to be living the dream. On the other side of the spectrum, the likes of Neal Peart and Thomas Lang et al are both incredibly talented technicians of their instrument who cannot possibly be compared with the likes of TB. And I admire Travis for that reason, that he isn't the best technical drummer in the world, but plays for the music.

I have been impressed just recently with the amount of young talented drummers but I fear there is too much emphasis on rudiments and technique. I do understand you need technique but it seems to be becoming like a science. I think it should be about creating drama, giving people an adrenalin rush. That’s why I loved what Travis Barker did with Blink 182! In my opinion drumming is an art, not a science. It’s there to entertain. Listen to TB with 'Rock Show' and he is so groovy, it’s simple but it moves you.

Barker isn't just a heavy hitter or a speed demon. He is funky; he has much more finesse than people seem to credit him for these days. It should be about the music.
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