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real name: Mike Gormley
age: 20
how long been playing: 2 years
origin of user name: everyone i know calls me Gorm, i guess its easier than just mike.
top 5 drummers: John Bonham, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, Bobby Chouinard, Stewart Copeland
make of drumkit: Ludwig Accent
make of cymbal: Paiste 2002 all the way around
where do you practice: My room
are you in a band/s: No, but i will be jamming with a few in the next couple of weeks
covers or original: One band i am going to be jamming for did a few police covers.
what style of music: Rock and or Roll
favourite take out food: Mexican or chinese
country: USA
one really odd fact about yourself: It hurts when i pee? Off hand i dont know any odd facts
how did you start drumming: I didnt feel i was getting anywhere with guitar so I decided to play drums thats about it.