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Originally Posted by KzSgDrummer View Post
I'll third the notion that Second Impression was a band highlight, as long as we can throw the Third Impression in there too :-)

I went through a Carl Palmer phase for a year or so where all I listed to was ELP, and to this day I can still hear how Carl has influnced my playing (mostly in fill concepts). However, I have trouble listening to him now because his time is (was) all over the place, with the pocket nowhere to be found. Having now absorbed the likes of Groovemasters Gadd, Colaiuta, Purdie, Porcaro ect I find it remarkable just how bad Carl could be at times.

Still, I can't touch him in the speed OR endurance department!
Palmer became identified as the antithesis of the groove masters mentioned and for good reason. But the thing I like about prog rock drumming is that it was highly dramatic; someone mentioned the end of The Barbarian or another great was Barry Barlowe on Hunting Girl by Tull. Today they call that "over drumming." I think if you could take the sense of timing and groove innovation of the guys mentioned, and put it together with all over the place drumming of guys like Palmer and Barlowe, you could find a happy medium that would be some nice drumming, knowing when to get crazy.

I think that the reason CP has not faired well is that he has the reputation of being quite arrogant to other drummers, and the two times I met him I can see why. Keith on the other hand is one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet.
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