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Default Re: Travis Barker

The trouble with Travis, Joey is that they are popular to non drummers, well ok, they are TOO popular! It is just annoying when someone says ''Travis is a god! Ptfe, Steve Gadd? Gadd who?'' That is actually the main reason (IMHO) of all these arguments about them. Just because it annoys when someone haven't got a clue what is he talking about.

I respect Travis for the thing he does, I know that he is well trained and he is no doubt a great drummer, just people shouldn't get into these kind of radical discussions...
Travis is a good drummer. End of story!!

There is no one like ''the best'' (except Buddy Rich :DDD ) There are drummers that are ''some of the greatest'' and if I say one of the greatest then he has done something that no one has done before or because he has something really special.

When someone says ''the best'' it sounds like he is talking about car races or whatever kind of sport...
Music is not a is not a competition either...

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