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Default Re: Does any one play another instrument

Originally Posted by ablethevoice View Post
I know I just double posted, but I give up.

I just EDITED the previous post, adding some images of my keys as well as explaining them, but neither the images or the edits show up on the post, but they DO show up when I previewed the post... WTF??

I am a member of other forums hosted by VBulletin and I thought I knew what was going on here, but I guess I don't. My attachments don't show up, I have no clickable smileys, nor do text shortcuts like :) work... Guess I'll stick to straight text and hope the occasional joke or sarcastic comment doesn't get misunderstood...
I have a feeling you and I are going to get on very well. I'm fascinated by all forms of music and musical instruments and plan to make my career in sound engineering.
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