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Thanks everyone for CD tips and recommendations!

Originally Posted by brittc89 View Post
Its called This Meets That.

I actually dont really have any issues with it when playing up tempos, but Ive heard a lot of mixed reviews. I personally really like the cymbal and the sound it gives me. It took some getting used to to be able to keep it from absolutely roaring when I played it quick, but now I dont really have an issue so much. Plus, its just such a unique sound, I really like it. But if your thinking of buying one, I would definitely try it out first and see how that specific cymbal feels and sounds.
Well, I really like its sound actually. In general I prefer Ride cymbal with a more complex character, with a tah sound.
Additionally I like thin Ride cymbals, even if it`s the main ride. The thing about the feel was that Tony from cymbalsonly told me it kinda feels stiff and hard at faster tempi, and his statement seems plausible when listening to this baby.

So I hope I`ll get the opportunity to try one one day, to experience how it is like in person, not just in definitly sounds like a very interessting and unique cymbal.

btw, overall I`m gonna buy an Agop SE 22" which has this character aswell as a soft woody stick definition.


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