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i saw danny carey on aug 13 at the volto show in hollywood at the knitting factory, i stood exactly in front of kit, front stage, probley around 5-7 ft away. ive been listening to tool for years, ive never seen a show but ive seen probley 40,000 bootlegs :) and have all there albums. i had a preconceived idea on how he was going to play. he completley surpassed my wildest expectations. the thing that impressed me the most is his jazz coordination. i knew he studied jazz in college but it never shined through that much in tool songs, but holy crap! it was like watchin kenny arnoff play jazz or someone on that level, i had no clue he was that good. i gained so much respect for him, there really isnt to many rock drummers with that type of coordination. he also plays with so much power and percision, its beyond words. if there is a volto show and your less than 5 hours away then its worth the drive
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