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Default Re: Does any one play another instrument

As I said in the "introduce yourself" thread a few minutes ago, I had to give up the drums after some rather expensive surgery on my wrists. My doctor strongly suggested that I not play any more because of the real possibility that I might lose the use of my hand(s) altogether. Well, you can take the musician away from the music, but you'll never take the music from the musician. After 3 or 4 years of going crazy without any artistic release, I decided to try my hand (no pun intended) at keyboards. We always had a piano at the house when I was growing up, but I guess I was intimidated by the fact that my brother, mom and sister could all play so well so I never really messed with it as a kid. I'd always been fascinated with synthesizers and I've always loved the sound of the Hammond organ. I was lucky enough to find a couple of keyboards (pawn shops suck to sell anything at, but are a fabulous place to BUY!!) for mere pennies on the dollar. I now have 2 "real" digital synths- an '80s vintage ESQ1 and a much newer Halo along with 3 software synths which emulate the older 70's analog synths: the Moog Modular, MiniMoog and ARP 2600 and one soft synth version of an early digital-the Yamaha CS80. These instruments, in conjunction with Cool Edit Pro, have enabled me to actually continue with my musical output. I was pleasantly surprised that I could actually play keys to some degree, and in 3 years, I think I've gotten competent. I'm no Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman or Jimmy Smith, but I can make music on these things...I guess one could more accurately call me a "composer" who happens to be able to hammer out stuff into the ESQ's sequencer so it can play the notes...whatever the method, I can make music. Whether or not it's listenable to anyone but me is another issue entirely.

You be the judge.

PS: Off topic, but on my mind at the moment: Does this site have a clickable smily table? My options say "smilies enabled", but I don't see them...:-/

{EDIT} I posted (as attachments) some pix of my keys but for some bizarre reason they don't show up on the post here. If anyone wants to see them and knows how to GET to them, that'll be cool. :-)

ahem... Editing the EDIT... NOW they are showing up as inserted images- something I didn't specify mainly because I figured if you wanted to see the full-size images you could hit the thumbnail and not have to wait for everything to load if you are stuck on dialup (as I am). Oh well... whatever.
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