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Default Re: Ryan Van Poederooyen

Hey Everybody,

For those of you who I've been chatting to on these boards and those interested in my drumming.... Terror Syndrome (my newly formed metal band) has put a clip up of us recording my drumtracks at the beautiful Armoury Studios here in Vancouver. There are several clips of me laying down drum tracks for the album in this vid. You get to see a couple different approaches to my drumming that I have, definitely not all of them though! LOL! You can watch the video here : - It's located on our main page below our Banner section (middle of the page)

Sorry about the quality of the video, but My Space really destroys it when you go through the compression they have. the audio is pretty good though. So there it is, enjoy! Great talking to you all as usual..... this is an awesome place!

All the best,

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