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Default Re: johnny depp plays drums

Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON View Post
as far as i know it is actually mr depp.

nice idea to play along to classical music. he's a little stiff here and there but i'm sure i would be positively wooden on camera next to him.

hey rosco, what's the band called? what happened to dirty rosco? i'm fine. we made it through to the finals of carling again (3rd year in a row) to see some band vids visit our site or preferably my site below.

This bloke is a Johnny Depp lookalike - checkout his myspace - mrdeppness
a serious likeness though eh?

Nutha - The band's called Moe Foe. I play percussion with them (congas, bongos, shakers, noise makers etc etc). Great fun.
Been playing all over the country at festivals. Played at Bestival last week and now festival season's over... til next year!
First album 'Infinite Monkeys' is released now (check iTunes etc). Working on second album at the mo..

Dirty Rosco are still going - we're signed to an agency and are dong mainly function work etc.. it's all good!

Like your site a lot - some great info/teaching aids in the 'Drumming' section. Good work!
Some great vids too.. loving the new red kit - sounds great. What heads are you using on it?
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