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Originally Posted by CaptainCharisma2 View Post
hahaha,you all now that Alex sampled the bass drum from and old billy cobham lick..he recorded it,and than hits a trigger and he plays over it.hes overrated and not even that good.
Whats funny is how no one EVER says that about "Im The One" from Van Halen's first album Or "Loss of Control". Its The same double bass shuffle. Because of H.F.T. intro people now notice. And Billy I believe played ghost notes on his snare. Alex didnt. Alex played a double stroke on the ride. Billy didnt. SO its not the same. And do you know if Billy got it from someone else? And actually Alex is a good drummer. Maybe not as good as you.(LOL) Im sure your so good that you have never copied a fill or beat from any drummer right? Dont think so. So enlighten us on WHY he is not a good drummer. And dont compare to Vinnie or Thomas Lang.

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